Reasons to Install a Fire Sprinkler in Your Vaughan Small Business

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If you’re considering installing a fire sprinkler system in your Vaughan small business, it’s time to look at the facts.

Reasons to Install a Fire Sprinkler

Although fire sprinklers are a common sight in warehouses and schools, many people don’t even think of them when it comes to protecting a smaller business.
Fire sprinklers can also prevent fires from spreading from one area into other rooms in the business. Since fire sprinklers react within a minute of detecting heat, there’s a chance that the sprinkler will put the fire out before the Vaughan fire department can even arrive at your home.
Another benefit of fire sprinklers is that installing a system may help lower your rates for your insurance policy. You may find a significant discount on your annual rates after installing a fire sprinkler system.
Obviously, the most important job of any sprinkler system is to help save lives. When a fire sprinkler slows down a fire, it gives your employees and customers more time to get out of the building.

The Truth About Home Fire Sprinklers

It’s important to do some research about the cost of home fire sprinkler systems before assuming the cost will be prohibitive. It’s possible that some of the cost may be offset but a reduction in your yearly insurance premiums. Call your insurance company and see if a new fire sprinkler system will influence your insurance costs.
You should also know that all the sprinklers are unlikely to go off at once. Unlike smoke detectors, sprinklers don’t activate when the building fills with smoke from burnt toast in your breakroom. The heat sensors mean that the sprinkler located above the fire will trigger, leaving the others to activate only if the fire spreads.
Fears about the water damage caused by fire sprinkler systems are often exaggerated. Both smoke and fire are capable of inflicting far more expensive damage to your small business. The highly pressurized water from a fire truck will also cause damage. The fire will cause the least amount of damage if it’s put out quickly, before it can spread or trucks of water are needed to subdue it.
Fire sprinkler systems designed for residential buildings may be suitable for your small business. These are far more discreet than most commercial sprinklers, smaller and tucked into ceiling panels or pendants. If your business is too large for these smaller models, a licensed technician or fire prevention business can inspect your building and help you find the right sprinklers for you.
It’s not unreasonable to be wary of the long-term costs of maintaining a sprinkler system, but it costs far less than most people think. You’ll spend more maintaining a car—a far less expensive asset than your business property and building contents—than you will on your sprinkler system. You can also protect the sprinklers and keep them working well by moving furniture and paintings away from them. Also avoid painting the sprinkler and the sprinkler cover.
Smoke alarms are just the first step in fire safety. They can alert your employees and neighbours when a fire starts but they can’t contain the fire or put it out. A fire sprinkler system can help to save lives and to protect your assets by putting out the fire before the Vaughan fire department arrives. 


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