Installing a Fire Sprinkler System in Your Mississauga Retail Store

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There are many great reasons to install a fire sprinkler in your Mississauga retail store.

Why You Should Install a Fire Sprinkler

When most people think of fire sprinklers, they picture office warehouses and schools. It’s time to consider how a fire sprinkler system can help save lives and merchandise in your retail store.
Most of us install a smoke detector and think our work is done but a smoke detector can’t help put out a fire. A fire that’s detected early and quickly put out will do less damage to your business. Most sprinklers are designed to react within a minute of detecting heat. Your commercial fire sprinkler system may put out the fire before the Mississauga fire department can arrive on the scene.
You may even discover that installing a sprinkler system helps lower your annual insurance premiums. It’s worth calling your insurance agent when you’re considering installing a fire sprinkler system.

Fire Sprinkler Myths

One common mistake people make when considering a fire sprinkler systems is the assumption that all the sprinklers will go off if one is triggered. This isn’t true. The sprinkler over the detected fire is the only one that will go off, unless the fire spreads. And the chance of a sprinkler accidently going off is extremely small. Sprinklers begin only if they detect heat, not smoke, so a pan of smoking bacon in a cooking demonstration won’t set off the sprinkler overhead.
Some people worry about the cost of a fire sprinkler system. It’s important to remember that the cost of fire damage and ensuing increase to your insurance policy will outweigh the cost of installing a fire sprinkler or two If you’re worried about the water damage from a sprinkler system, remember that your building and merchandise will sustain far more damage from both smoke and fire. The water from a fire truck will also cause more damage. It’s better to use a little water to contain the fire before it becomes an inferno instead of losing everything to a raging fire and the water needed to fight it.
Worried about incorporating an ugly sprinkler system into your professionally-designed retail décor? Sprinkler systems have come a long way. Sprinklers designed for residential buildings fit well in small businesses and retail boutiques. These sprinklers are smaller than other types and can be found concealed in pendants or ceiling plates.
Sprinkler maintenance costs far less than most people think. You can even take quick steps to protect your sprinklers and help them work properly by keeping the area clear. Nothing should block the sprinklers, including furniture, retail displays or cases, lamps, or plants. Never paint the sprinkler or its cover.
Fire sprinklers can save lives and reduce property damage. This is because they can putt out fires or contain the flames while the fire department is still en route to the home. Protect your Mississauga retail store by installing a fire sprinkler system.


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