Installing a Fire Sprinkler in Your Kitchener Small Business

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Installing a fire sprinkler system in your Kitchener small business can help save lives and even reduce the property damage and expensive equipment lost to a fire.

Reasons to Consider a Fire Sprinkler for Your Kitchener Small Business

Fire sprinklers have long been considered a staple for fire protection in warehouses and schools. These sprinkler systems help put out fires before they can cause too much damage. Recently, more people have considered installing fire sprinkler systems in their small business to protect their investment and to give their employees an extra layer of protection.
When you consider that the combination of smoke detectors and fire sprinklers can reduce the chance of death in a fire, the importance of installing sprinklers in your Kitchener small business becomes clear.
Smoke detectors have long been a standard in fire safety plans. Although they make a great warning system, they can’t put out a fire. While the warning can help your employees escape a fire, your property and equipment can still suffer significant damage. Flames will spread while the Kitchener fire department is on the way. A fire sprinkler system can help put out that fire before the fire department arrives. In cases where the sprinkler can’t put out the initial site of the fire, it can slow or stop the fire from spreading to other areas of your business.
An added benefit of installing a fire sprinkler system is the possibility of lowering your annual insurance cost. Consult with your insurance provider before choosing a fire sprinkler system for your Kitchener small business so you choose one that is covered or offers a discount on your premiums.

Fire Sprinkler Concerns

With so many myths surrounding fire sprinkler systems, it’s no wonder that small business owners hesitate before installing one in their building.
Most people assume that if one sprinkler is triggered, the entire system will activate and drench the interior of the business. That isn’t how it works. Instead, only the fire sprinkler located above the detected heat will be activated. The others will only begin to activate if the fire spreads and the heat is detected under other sprinklers in the room or office.
On the topic of water damage, it’s important to remember that the water from fire trucks is likely to cause far more damage to your small business. By the time the fire department arrives, an unimpeded fire will have spread to more rooms, spreading the damage from smoke and fire, not to mention the water damage that will come from the fire department. Most people consider the minimal damage from their fire sprinkler system preferable to damage from spreading fires and pressurized fire hoses.
After investing to renovate and professionally decorate your small business, you may be wary of bringing a sprinkler system into your costly décor. Commercial sprinkler systems are often built to be functional, not pretty. A small business may be able to use residential fire sprinklers which are smaller and can be hidden in pendants or ceiling plates.
Install a residential fire sprinkler system to protect your Kitchener small business.


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