Installing Fire Sprinklers in Your Hamilton Retail Store

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Installing fire sprinklers in your Hamilton retail business can save lives and reduce the damage during emergencies.

Reasons to Install Fire Sprinklers

The first and most obvious reason to install fire sprinklers in your Hamilton retail store is to help save lives if the unthinkable happens and a fire starts in your building.
Fire sprinklers increase your chances of survival by putting a fire out before the smoke and flames can spread, minimizing the property damage and chance of injury. If the sprinkler doesn’t put the fire out, it does help contain and weaken the flames. This can help save thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.
A smoke detector is a great early warning system when fires start but it can’t put out the fire. The faster the fire goes out, the less damage there is to your building and merchandise. A fire sprinkler will react to heat within a minute, possibly putting out the fire before the Hamilton fire department can arrive.

Common Fire Sprinkler Misconceptions

You may be worried that the cost of a fire sprinkler system is prohibitive. Remember that the system may pay for itself by saving your merchandise during a fire. You may also be eligible for a discount on your insurance once a fire sprinkler system is installed. Call your insurance provider and ask about discounts before installing. Maintenance is also lower than you may suspect, costing less than you pay to maintain your car each year.
A common misconception is that when heat is detected, the entire sprinkler system will be activated, drenching your merchanise. That isn’t the case. Only the sprinkler above the fire will be activated, the rest will remain off unless the fire spreads. If you’re worried about your fire sprinkler activating over a false alarm, you can rest assured that the chances of that happening are very small. Since fire sprinklers react to heat, not smoke, a burnt dinner in the lunchroom won’t start a deluge of water.
Speaking of that deluge, most people also worry about the water damage to the building and everything inside. It’s important to compare that water damage to the devastation that a fire or even smoke can inflict on your retail business. The highly pressurized water from the fire department’s trucks and hoses is also likely to cause far more damage. When put into perspective, it’s better to deal with the minimal water released by a sprinkler or two than the flood of water from the fire department or the crumbling ashes left behind by a fire.
It’s also possible that the sight of older fire sprinklers in commercial buildings has convinced you that this safety feature will wreck your home’s décor. Fortunately, the fire sprinklers designed for residential buildings may be the right fit for small retail spaces. They are smaller and more discreet, hidden in pendants or ceiling plates.
The cost of installing a fire sprinkler system in your Hamilton retail business is small when compared to the peace of mind it brings and the lives it can save.


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