Fire Extinguishers for Your Mississauga Home or Business

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If you’re in the market for a new fire extinguisher for your business, be sure to do your research before scouring Mississauga stores for the right fire extinguishers.

The Fire Classifications

Different fire extinguishers are designed to fight different types of fires. Before you step out the door, it’s important to look at what’s in the building. Once you know what has the potential to start a fire or catch on fire, you can focus on which fire extinguisher is right for your Mississauga business.

Fires are assigned a letter, from A to D, depending on what is on fire.

A class A fire involves ordinary combustible material that can be found in almost all businesses throughout Mississauga. Wood, clothes, upholstery, and garbage can all be found in this category. Such a fire can be fought with water, chemical foam, or dry chemical powder fire extinguishers.
Flammable liquids are class B fires. This involves liquids like oils, gasoline, or paint. Class B fires need a dry chemical, halon, aqueous film forming foam (AFFF), or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.
Class C fires include electrical fires. These fires are normally caused by electrical equipment. Dry chemicals, halon, and carbon dioxide are usually used to put out class C fires.
Combustible metals cause class D fires. These metals, such as magnesium, need to be put out with a dry powder formulated for the specific metal involved. Businesses that store combustible metals should consult a professional fire protection technician. It’s important to ensure that the right material is onsite.

Picking Your Fire Extinguisher

For businesses, a simple multi-purpose fire extinguisher is normally enough. These fire extinguishers are readily available across Mississauga and smother the flames of class A, B, and C fires with pressurized powder.
A pressurized water fire extinguisher is a good choice for situations that could potentially involve a class A fire. A water extinguisher must never be used on a class B or C fire. Always place it away from flammable liquids and electrical equipment to avoid personal injury and increasing the spread of the fire.
Both class A and B fires can be smothered by an AFFF chemical foam fire extinguisher, making it a good choice for kitchens, as long as you avoid appliances.
Compressed gas fire extinguishers, containing carbon dioxide or halon, also smother flames. Pick this type of fire extinguisher if you are dealing with class B (flammable liquids) or class C (electrical equipment) environments.
No matter what kind of fire extinguisher you choose, it’s important to perform monthly maintenance checks. The pressure gauge should always be in the green zone. If the needle has drifted into the red zone on either side of the green, it’s time to have the fire extinguisher replaced or repaired.
Before purchasing a fire extinguisher for your Mississauga restaurant or other business, familiarize yourself with the different types of fire extinguishers available and know the types of potential fires in your building.


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