Fire Extinguishers for Brantford Business

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Fire Extinguishers for Brantford Business

Is your business properly safeguarded against fire? Many organizations are equipped with fire extinguishers, but employees don’t know much about them. Did you know, for example, that there are different kinds of extinguishers for different purposes? Or that they contain various types of fire suppressants, including carbon dioxide, water, and dry chemical?


Fire can be devastating to your enterprise, causing severe property damage, and perhaps even causing injury or death to clients or employees. By choosing and using fire extinguishers properly, you can reduce these risks.


Fire Extinguisher 101

  • Type. Reading the label on a fire extinguisher will help you know what type of fire it’s suited for. For example, Type A extinguishers are manufactured to deal with ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper, or trash. Type B extinguishers are especially formulated to put out liquid flammables, such as grease. And Type C extinguishers work best on electrical equipment fires.
  • Classification. The classification (or rating) shows the size of fire the unit might be expected to control, according to laboratory tests. The higher the classification, the greater the extinguishing capacity of the unit. If an extinguisher is classified as 4A, for example, it can be expected to extinguish a Type A fire twice as large as a 2A-rated extinguisher can. So don’t depend merely on size to determine the ability of the extinguisher.
  • Size of Extinguisher. Extinguisher size is shown on the label in either pounds of dry chemical or gallons of liquid contained in the unit.
  • Strategic Placement. You should mount extinguishers in obvious places, near exits or escape routes. Never mount an extinguisher near a potential fire hazard. Make sure the extinguisher is easy to access; the bracket should be mounted approximately four feet from the floor.

Fire Safety Experts


After selecting and placing extinguishers, it’s very important that everyone who works onsite learns how to operate these devices. You don’t want personnel to be frantically reading directions as a fire blazes nearby.

One of the best things you can do to protect your organization is to engage a fire safety company that services the Brantford area to assess your needs and recommend a fire safety plan. An expert in fire safety will be able to help you with finding the right extinguishers and knowing where best to place them. He or she will also be able to teach you how to operate them properly. Opt for training that is hands-on and leaves everyone confident that they will be able to use equipment when necessary.


A fire safety expert can also work with you and your staff to develop a fire safety plan. This plan might include a step-by-step guide to what to do when fire strikes, an evacuation guide, and instruction in how to prevent fires.


Of course, extinguishers are just part of the picture. A representative from a fire safety company can assess all aspects of your fire preparedness. Sprinkler systems are one of the most efficient ways of preventing fire damage: are yours up to code? Fire alarms that connect directly to emergency services help to ensure that help arrives quickly if it’s needed. And most companies will also provide maintenance to make sure your equipment is in good working order.


Keep your business and people safe. Talk to a fire safety expert about fire extinguishers in Brantford today.


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