Fire Alarm Systems in Ontario

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Fire Alarm Systems in Ontario

Have you recently purchased a business or enterprise in Ontario? Or are you doing renovations to a restaurant, hotel, or apartment building. No matter what your investment, you’ll want to ensure that the people and property you care about are protected from fire. Fires cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage each year in Canada and are often responsible for injury and even death.

Meeting Provincial Requirements

Your business enterprise must be compliant with current fire regulations. There may be several layers of regulation to deal with, and requirements can sometimes be difficult for you to ascertain, so the best way to make sure that you are following Ontario law is to partner with a fire safety company. The experts at these companies know provincial and federal regulations inside-out, and can help you find efficient and cost-effective ways to meet requirements. For example, the current Ontario building code requires that all smoke alarms in buildings, including houses, must have a visual component, such as flashing lights. These visual fire alarms must be installed in all public corridors of multi-unit residential buildings and suites. A good fire safety company will know exactly what’s required and will be able to offer you options for various types of visual alarms.
Integrated sprinkler and fire alarm systems are also now required in multi-unit residential buildings in Ontario. Today’s state-of-the-art sprinkler systems are more intelligent than ever and can sense problems more easily. And alarm systems help everyone know that there’s a problem, including local fire departments.

Partnering with Fire Safety Experts

When choosing a fire safety company, look for one that features skilled and knowledgeable employees and offers both a common-sense approach and a comprehensive set of services.


For example, a good company will be able to assess your situation and help you design a plan for fire safety. Experienced personnel will engineer and install alarms, sprinklers, extinguishers, and other equipment. Quality products and professional installation are hallmarks of great companies. Some companies even offer third-party inspections of newly installed equipment.


Next, experts will train you and your employees to cope with a fire or other emergency. This may include learning about emergency exits, how to operate fire extinguishers or other equipment, and what types of suppression methods to use in different situations. Training should be ongoing, with new employees learning to operate equipment as they are hired and with regular refresher courses for veteran employees.


A good fire safety company will also conduct tests of equipment and provide any maintenance and repair that may be necessary. They will also work to align your system closely with local fire departments, ensuring that firefighters will respond quickly to your alarm, 24/7.


Whether you need basic alarm and extinguisher installation, or specialized gas suppression for computer servers and CCTV monitoring services, it makes sense to work with professionals in the field of fire safety. Protect your Ontario business, property, and employees from fire with state-of-the-art fire alarm systems.


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